Our favorite Caribbean guide online

Apr 15 2011 in Cruising News by News Addict

Before we arrived to the Caribbean, I was screening the net for the best independent Caribbean guides online and couldn’t find much at all. Having designed and developed a couple of websites and also one city guide myself, I know which type of sites and what type of information I need to get inspired and nothing of the Caribbean versions that I ran across were even close to what I was looking for. There seemed to be an enormous gap for a fresh, informative, sharp guide about the Caribbean islands and the culture about them that I actually was thinking of creating one myself for a while. But that was only until I found out about the amazing Uncommon Caribbean. That website has everything one needs to know about those off the tourist track things that every smart and updated traveller require and the writings and photos of the site are smart, fun, sharp and colorful – exactly how a website is appealing in my eyes. Today the two brothers, Patrick and Steve who runs the site, have published a little text about our world tour and we feel very honored to be included in such an excellent portal – go check it out yourself and scroll through the rest of their fantastic website. /T